Renew is proud to offer the ability to restore

Any Concrete Surface.

If it’s concrete, we can restore it!
See our most common service categories below and click through to see more about each.
fuel island restoration

Fuel Island Restoration

Tearing out and replacing fuel islands can be very costly to your business. There will be loss of fuel sales, and in most cases the dispenser is removed which will result in additional repair costs. Our process allows us to leave your dispenser in place and give you a beautiful, durable, long-lasting fuel island restoration with minimal down-time to your business.

Curbs & Sidewalk Restoration

It’s important to keep your curbing and sidewalks in good shape. Not only can old curbs and sidewalks become eye soars, but they can also become trip hazards if not maintained. Whether commercial or residential, we can revive your curbs and sidewalks with our special coating, bringing that curb appeal back.

Floors , Patios, & Pool Decks

Instead of breaking up and re-pouring a whole new concrete floor, we can bring it back to life with our spray-on protective coatings and decorative roll-on applications. Our process is cost effective and time efficient, and the results are guaranteed to last. We can restore any concrete surface, indoor or outdoor.


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